The Department specializes in development of complex projects for the further production, reconstruction as well as technical re-equipment of existing metallurgical and hydraulic equipment. Our services include: calculations for each part of project, design documentation, supervision during the process of production of the equipment, after-sales service.

The Department develops and produces mechanic, electro mechanic, hydraulic, pneumatic and other types of serial and non-standard equipment of different degree of complexity almost for all industries. For example, projects of burners and heating benches with the use of gas-air, recuperative and injection burners as well as transporting and batching/proportional equipment.

Specialists of our company make structural, hydraulic and aerodynamic analysis as well as develop working documentation set according to customer`s specifications. We use computer simulation of technological processes and make bench testing for realizing experimental works on development of new types of high-tech products or analogues with all required characteristics. In the process of execution of work we use parts/accessories from leading home and foreign European manufacturers.

We are ready to undertake all the work on production, preparation and delivery of the equipment, also, we control the whole technological process of production, supervise operation of the equipment after installation, delivered by us.

The specialists of our company/can help with installation and commissioning of the equipment.